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PT. PUSTEK E&T is an Indonesian engineering service company and services provider of choice for integrated packaged process solutions to the global petrochemical, oil, gas, industrial plant and power industry. Our Engineering services integrated from Feasibility Study, FEED, DED, inspection, and Assessment, learn more about PT.PUSTEK E&T Capabilities.  We provide a special link for you who need quotation quickly for our service, please upload the file through ONLINE QUOT SYSTEM within 24 hours our team will contact you.
PT.Pustek E&T focuses on engineering and technical solution to provide benefits to a better future life by developing efficient, sustainable technology and engineering. We've also developed an extensive range of construction service, especially for package equipment ranging from pressure vessel, tank, cyclone, metering, piping system and chemical injection.


  • Feasibility Study

    Feasibilty Study, or feasibility study is the first step to know financially, economically, technologically, society and environment as well as related activities, feasibility study is often used to know the feasibility of business and project in detail and comprehensive. Further explanation of the feasibility study and examples can be seen in the following link. Feasibility Study or contact us at kontak@pustek.com to further question.

  • Front End Engineering Design

    In some complex projects required FEED to develop and know the appropriate technology selection, so it is also known that the limitations of the equipment and the budget estimation should be prepared. Front-end engineering and design is defined as the work required to produce process and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth to adequately define the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement and construction. Front End Engineering Design or contact us at kontak@pustek.com to further question.

  • Detail Engineering Design

    Detail Engineering Design is the engineering phase with the main output is the specification, Arrangement drawing for pipe, electrical, instrument, datasheet shop drawing for construction, detail installation method field. more than 70% project in PT.PUSTEK E & T is DED project with various subject ranging from petrochemical, piping system, pipeline, atmospheric tank to manufacture factory. Detail Engineering Design or contact us at kontak@pustek.com to further question.

  • Special Studi Engineering

    in certain cases special studies such as water balance, sedimentation, flood prevention studies, plant elevation calculations, and other studies requiring specific fields are required.



Remaining useful life modelling and online assessment provide the timely message for system decision making in production management and condition- based maintenance.


PT.PUSTEK E&T provide 2D Drafting and 3D design drafting services for oil and gas engineering, Power Plant Industry, Industrial Plant, Chemical Plant, Road and Bridge, Plumbing, Building, Foundation system, Electrical and instrument with expertise across a wide variety of software packages.


in complex geometric shapes and requiring concurrent analysis, such as temperature and mechanical strength, manual calculation calculations will be difficult to perform, requiring finite element analysis


HAZOP study is a well-proven structured team-based method for hazard identification at process design completion or for planned modifications. Pustek E&T provide experiance fasilitator for HAZOP and HAZID study.


CFD is very useful for engineering analysis that requires detailed and specific analysis of fluid phenomeda dynamically, and its association with properties and other physical factors, eg speed, viscosity, temperature, dispersion,


PT.PUSTEK E & T started in June 2015, started to develop service field of Energy Audit, seeing the current trend of energy usage, special steps are needed to optimally utilize energy, and reduce energy waste usage,

  • Atmospheric Tank

    PT. Pustek E & T has experience in making atmospheric tanks with API 650 standard, with fluids such as water, CPO, glycol, crude oil and diesel oil contact us at kontak@pustek.com to further question.

  • Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger

    we have experience in designing and supplying pressure vessel, be it fired pressure vessel such as heater threater and high pressure up to 2000 psig

  • Piping System

    PT.pustek E & T has a lot of experience in piping system installation, especially process pipeline for gas, crude oil, coolant, engine oil, and diesel fuel. contact us at kontak@pustek.com to further question.

Pustek E&T Experiances

Our experience ranges from engineering for FS, FEED and DED, construction to special analysis for special cases such as Computation fluid dynamic, Finite Element Analysis, Water Engineering, Aerial Survey, Topographical Survey and Bathymetry Survey