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PUSTEK E&T launches an online quotation system, to speed up the process of quotation and workmanship, especially for the types of jobs such as Re-draw, Paper to CAD Conversion, 2D Drafting, Drawing services, 3D Design, Simulation, as builts drawings and PUSTEK E&T standard equipment package. Client simply provide simple and clear descriptions, then make uploading pictures, sketch, related document files, Within 24 hours, we will send an quoatation with price and schedule to your email directly.
  • Submit Your Request Quickly

    Just to fill the text box, the name, address, contact email, description of the project and submit the related documents, ranging from drawings, scan papar, sketch or other documents, Tim PUSTEK E&T will review and provide price quotes quickly. Special for CAD Drafting service, our team will submit the price within 24 Hours.

  • Simple Drawing to Complex Engineering Service

    We provide services ranging from, CAD service, create DWG drawing, converting Papaer to Drawing, As built, 3D modeling, Rendering, Construction Drawing up to more complex engineering service such as the analysis of strength, structure calculations, simulations, process design, stress analysis, FEED, DED.

  • 24 Hours, Accurate and Negotiable

    We provide support 24 hours, 7 days a week. Quotation submitted and made by real humans, not robots, we provide employees online 24 hours, so we made sure if that made an accurate quotation to fit your needs. therefore the price that we offer can still be negotiable

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    Fill your contact detail on left side form. 1)
    Upload your supporting project document. 2)
    Within 24 Hours PUSTEK E&T will send best quot offer to your email. 3)

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