Engineering Service

PUSTEK E&T Engineering services focused on Providing integrated, practical design, cost effective solutions, high quality, high level safety, to perform and deliver succesfull projects.

our engineering service devided in four area

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. FEED (front end engineering design)
  3. DED (detail engineering design)
  4. Equipment Package Design

We provide engineering services range from :

Gas and Fluid Transport System

PUSTEK E&T has been working on several engineering systems for the transportation of gas or liquid, such as fuel, condensate, Natural Gas, and the CPO. in designing a system of fluid transportation, we always pay attention to the selection of materials, and environmentally friendly technologies, for example on energy consumption for compression systems and pumping, to minimize wasted energy, pressure drop, election of the pipeline, the elevation of the pipe is designed so that the energy consumption more efficiently , we have been working on engineering for the transportation of fluids ranging from 2 “to 24”

Power Generation

Our Power plant engineering service focused effective technology selection, sustaining technologies and low carbon technolgy, both in Fossil fuel base power plant, like coal, natural gas power plant, steam based power plant and renewable base power plant, like solar power system, wind power, and tide power. our team works include initial design, conceptual cost evaluation, value engineering, system installation and commissioning. not only for power generation, our valuable team also design electricity network for middle voltage, low voltage and for distribution network.

Gas Processing Plant

PUSTEK E&T have proven technology and experiance for developing gas processing plant, ranging from Production, treatment, compression, transmission and distribution of hydrocarbons . Our early involvement in your mechanical design projects can produce significant savings and assure system performance. Every project is developed in close coordination with our technical safety team and is subject to a safety analysis check – ensuring that all client standards and relevant codes are met.  we also specialist for Natural gas pipeline system, city gas networks, Compressed Natural Gas Plant for power plant peaker, LPG stripper plant.

Inspection Services

PUSTEK E&T also perform inspection services in various engineering case, such as

Marine facilities inspection
Vessel Inspection
Fire Water System Inspection
Chemical Injection Inspection