PUSTEK E&T produce Skid Mounted Chemical Injection System.  for a variety of purposes both for industrial and petrochemical, oil and gas both onshore and offshore, for example product is used for:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • HS Scavenger
  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • water clarifiesr
  • Foam Control
  • PH balace
  • Stimulation Chemical
  • Acidizing Additives
  • Mercaptan injection
  • Odorant Injection System
  • Chemical Dozing System

Our Injection system can simultaneously deliver multiple or single chemicals at controlled and verifiable injection rates across long offset distances.


  • Design according to customer requirement, application, and spesification.
  • Dozing Pump, Chemical Injection pump designed as process parameter.
  • MCHEMICALaterial selection as per material compatibility with chemical.
  • We Provide Detail 3-D modelling of all Package
  • Standard Chemical Injection Package
  • Customize Package, nozzle size, orientation, tank shape, pump sizing, material selection, ingress protection, safety protection system.
  • After Sales System Support
  • On Call Maintenace Support
  • Optimized with Static Mixer
  • System Performance Guarantee
  • Manual Control, Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic Control