Natural Gas Scrubbing System is engineered specifically for natural gas industry, Scrubber removes traces of liquid droplets from gas streams to protect downstream equipment from liquid, particulate and condensate. It is typically used upstream of gas treating equipment. It is typically used in regulating station, metering station, upstream of gas treating equipment that contains dry desiccants, or mechanical equipment such as compressors, Gas Turbine. It is also used downstream of equipment where liquids have condensed from the gas.

The Gas Scrubber is designed to handle light liquid loads. Vessels are available from 8-inch to 80-inch OD with natural gas capacities to 200+ million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd).


Working Principle
The natural gas stream first flow to the inlet nozzle that equipped with diverter, schoepentoeter, or deflector plate, which causes initial separation of gas from liquid. The heavier liquid descends while the gas rises. In the open area of the vessel, the stream slows even further and the larger liquid particles fall from the gas. to prevent mist,dust carry over to downstream, mist eleminator with high efficiency 10 micron filter. in mist eliminator mist also collected and become liquid droplet then fall to bottom of vessel. Liquids exit the bottom of the vessel and the scrubbed natural gas exits the downstream outlet.



Standard Features

  • Pre Engineered Design (Datasheet, HMB, GA, P&ID, Construction Drawing, Fabrication Drawing)
  • Calculated PSV include Testing
  • Lifting Lug
  • Leg Support
  • Shut off Valve
  • Level Switch
  • Liquid Level Switch.
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel VIII standard design.

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