Wind Rose
Desktop Studies is a series of commercial research aimed at collecting detailed information on certain locations by studying previous project reports, journals, books, news and research from other trustworthy institutions.
PT. Pustek E & T began in 2017 in collaboration with several geology companies and surveyors have completed several desktop studies for offshore and onshore in several regions of Indonesia and around the southern China sea.
The scope of the desktop study that we have conducted includes, searching for data both online and offline to the nearest weather station to the destination, including satellite data, checking the SEAFINE data grid, and finally doing meteological and metocean analysis.
The analysis is carried out in accordance with the specifications of the client, can use Weibull, Log Normal, IDF, Log Person or other more specific methods, The picture above is an example of a windrose image from data processing.
Desktop Study is the cheapest and fastest way to present weather data such as temperature, wind speed, rainfall, speed of ocean currents, tide, wave height, humidity and so on.
below also presented an example of the analysis results, namely wind speed and distribution.

Note: data is taken from the meteoblue and the station closest to the site.