HAZOP study is a well-proven structured team-based method for hazard identification at process design completion or for planned modifications.

HAZOP is led by an experienced facilitator. For an oil & gas project, a core team would typically include personnel from Process, Instruments, Machines, Project Engineering, and Operations, and it might require the involvement of process technologists, environmental specialists and corporate Health & Safety and Environment (HSE) staff for some parts of the work.

PUSTEK E&T organise and manage the entire HAZOP process for your projects. With the involvement of your HAZOP team members PUSTEK E&T will:

  • Provide a clear understanding of HAZOP scope and methodology
  • Create an overview of the operability and design risks
  • Review of P&IDs, SOPs, Batch sheets, manufacturers’ instructions, MSDSs and other related documentation
  • Examine the design intent
  • Identify deviations from design intent using nodes and guidewords
  • Seeking causes of deviations, consequences and existing safeguards
  • Recommend and document solutions with assigned and prioritised actions