PUSTEK E&T In house manufacture of Rotary Manual Scum Pipe Product, Scum pipe mostly use in oil and water separator base mechanism, oil will catch in half pipe mechanism and send to outlet of tank.  Scum Pipe use in various oil water separator such us Skimmer Tank, API Oil and Water Separator, CPI Separator etc. Pustek scum pipe designed base on  rigidity, chemical resistant, mechanical strength mechanism,  easy to operate.

The system components are sized to suit the required oil flow rate. length dimension for non standard thanks size also available upon request.

Scum Pipe Rotary


Standard PUSTEK E&T pipe scum are constructed from high quality Carbon Steel, A-36 Grade, They can however be upgraded to NAK 40 Carbon Steel, 304 or 316 Grade Stainless Steel for marine or corrosive environment, Aluminum grade and High Quality Polyurethane Board for chemical resistant type. Large Scum pipe also available in hot dipped galvanized steel.

For pipe scum also available in plastic type material, PVC, MDPE, and HDPE, specialized for anti corrosive material, each pipe hole machined for precision operation.

Worm gear and shaft material available in five type material : Polyurethane, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and  Aluminum, other material also available upon request. All worm gear produced by high precision machining.


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