PUSTEK is the leading engineering service company and services provider of choice for integrated packaged process solutions to the global petrochemical, oil, gas and power industry.


PUSTEK offer integrated solution, for detailing each step in engineering industry, Such us Feasibility Study, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Detail Engineering Design (DED), fabrication Drawing, powered by PUSTEK Value in our daily work.

PUSTEK provide solution for energy and technology by applying environmental sustainable and environmentally friendly technology.

PUSTEK provide reliable and fast technical solution, packaged equipment and service globally by acting  applying our research and using sustainable technologies.

PUSTEK offers products and purpose designed solutions for various packaged equipment to remove solid, liquid or gaseous contaminants from product, separation process, water treatment process, waste water treatment process, gas regulating station, metering station, and other packaged process equipment. We do this by designed on a combination of experienced people, efficient processes and exceptional conventional and proprietary technologies.


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