PUSTEK on the core business is engaged in the engineering consultants such as feasibility study, FEED and DED for various fields, while in the construction and industrial field PUSTEK seriously working as  equipment packager.

Engineering Field

Oil and Gas
Scope of business in the field of oil and gas to engineering, including engineering for gas drilling, well head control panel, flow line/pipeline, gas processing plant, compressor stations, pipelines, gas filtration system, CNG plant, Mini LNG plant, LPG stripper plant, oil storage , pumping stations, and fuel line system.
Power Plant
Engineering we were able to work on different areas of engineering for the power plant, including gas power plant (PLTG), steam power plant (PLTU), Diesel Power Plant (PLTD), hydroeletric power plant (PLTA).

Building and Utilities
Our Engineering service in Building and Utilities include in subject of High Rise Building, HVAC system, Electrical distribution system, Custom Panel Design, Fire water system, fresh water network, waste water network, lift and elevator, gas distribution network, Annunciation network and others.

Water Resources
water Resources Engineering scope is special utilities that required special engineer to solve water balance system. drainage system for road, plant, and other facilities. DAM, irrigation and other water facilities.

Equipment Packager Field

Pustek working on equipment packager seriously, scope of the equipment made basically can divide into three major subject :

Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Field
in this equipment such us scrubber, slug catcher, separator system, well head control panel, metering system, regulating station, pumping station, compressor station, reactor and filtration equipment.

Power Plant

equipment that commonly used in power plant system, depend on power plant type, such us conveyor, boiler, burner, HRSG, dust collector, dust scrubber.

Supporting Equipemnt
Water Treatment Plant, and Waste Water Treatment plant